JH Chapel Team - 2019-20

Welcome JH Chapel Team! Download this week's charts and sing/play along with YouTube or even my little lofi recordings (in the right keys!). Have fun and I'll see you this Wed.! Have your Mom or Dad email me ([email protected]) if you have any questions. You are AMAZING!

This week...

Jan. 30

All Worship Set - Combined:

905a     Call to Worship & Prayer: Choir

906a     Open up the heavens (A) ...links: YouTube, Chart
909a     Who You Say I Am (G) ...links: YouTubeChart

910a     Please Be Seated: Caroline Unterbrink

911a     Trust in You (A) ...links: YouTube, Chart
916a     Fierce (D) ...links: YouTube, Chart

920a     Please Stand: Corey Chasteen

921a     Like a Lion (God's Not Dead) (E) ...links: YouTube, Chart
925a     Glorious Day (C) ...links: YouTubeChart
929a     This is Amazing Grace (D) ...links: YouTube, Chart

930a     Please Be Seated & Testimony: Sienna Dudding

931a     Whole Heart (E) ...link: YouTubeChart 
936a     No Sweeter Name (E) ...links: YouTube, Chart
941a     It is Finished (E) ...links: YouTube, Chart

942a     Please Stand: Lily Ruibal

943a     Raise a Hallelujah (D) ...links: YouTubeChart
(alt)        Sinking Deep (D) ...links: YouTube, Chart

949a     Dismissal: Mrs. Jordan

Jan. 16

Worship Set - Combined:

Singer Assignments this week: tba

Previous Weeks...

Jan. 9

Worship Set - Combined:

  • Whole Heart (E) ...link: chart

Singer & Band Assignments this week: tba

Dec. 14 - Worship Cafe

11:00a      No Sweeter Name (E) – featuring Elementary Ensemble
11:04a      Who You Say I Am (G) ...link: chart
11:07a      You Say (G) ...link: chart
11:10a      Stronger than Our Hearts (A) ...link: chart
11:14a      Sonatina – featuring Aspen Ondrey
11:16a      Season – featuring Lily Ruibal
11:19a      Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer (C) ...link: chart
11:22a      The Christmas Song (C) ...link: chart
11:25a      Etude – featuring Savannah Ballard
11:27a      Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (G) ...link: chart
11:30a      Feliz Navidad (G) ...link: chart
11:33a      Memory – featuring Sienna Dudding
11:36a      O Come, All Ye Faithful (G) ...link: chart
11:39a      Hark! the Herald Angels (D) ...link: chart
11:42a      Joy to the World (A) ...link: chart
11:45a      Silent Night (G) ...link: chart

Dec. 12

Worship Set - Christmas Chapel:

(905a)   Zeal (G) ...links: download Chart
(908a)   Who You Say I Am (G) ...links: download Chart
(911a)   You Say (G) ...links: download Chart

(914a)   Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Nate Demarest
(915a)   The Grinch - David Eldred

(917a)   Feliz Navidad (G) ...links: download Chart
(920a)   Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (G) ...links: download Chart
(923a)   Jingle Bells (C) ...links: download Chart

(926a)   Jazzy Old St. Nicholas - Houston Harding

(928a)   Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (C) ...links: download Chart
(931a)   The Christmas Song (C) ...links: download Chart

(934a)   Etude - Savannah Ballard
(936a)   Memory - Sienna Dudding ...links: mp3 track

(939a)   Hark! the Herald Angels (D) ...links: download Chart
(942a)   Joy to the World (A) ...links: download Chart
(945a)   Silent Night (G) ...links: download Chart

(948a)   Old Shepherd - Mr. Partridge

Stage Blocking & Assignments: Click here

Dec. 5

Worship Set - Combined:

Singer Assignments this week: Click here

Nov. 21

Worship Set - Combined:

Singer Assignments this week: Click here

Nov. 7

Worship Set - Combined:

Oct. 31

Worship Set - Combined:

Oct. 24

Worship Set - 7th-8th Grade Teams:

Oct. 17

All Worship Set - Combined:

Call to Worship & Prayer: Caroline Unterbrink

Please Be Seated: Abby Wahby

Testimony: Lily Ruibal

Please Stand: Morgan Turner

Oct. 10

Worship Set - 6th-7th Grade Teams:

Oct. 3

Worship Set - Combined:

Sept. 26

Worship Set - Combined:

Sept. 19

Worship Set - 6th Grade Team:

Sept. 12

Worship Set - 7th Grade Team:

Sept. 5

Worship Set (D-Groups) - ALL Teams:

Aug. 29

Worship Set - 8th Grade Team:

Aug. 22

Worship Set - 8th Grade Team: