Original Composition Samples

Welcome! This is a small gathering of my (Jamie Kirby) instrumental compositions. I've always preferred to write for specific people. Most of these compositions are based on the names of people I cherish. Enjoy!

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  • Please note that all these compositions are Published and retain all Copyright protections. They may only be used with permission. Feel free to request said permission by emailing me directly here: contact us.


Jamie Kirby Jamie grew up the oldest (bossiest) son in a military family (USAF). After many moves (three schools in 1st grade), transitions (four different colleges), changes (staff worship leader/pastor at four churches), and careers (percussionist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, studio owner, business owner, touring/recording artist, pastor & teacher); he now enjoys the simple life of teaching music and raising two beautiful girls (Emily & Hannah) with Jessica (his lovely bride of 21 years).

Educational and professional accolades include: Master's degree in Classical Composition (1997) from OCU, Percussionist for OKC Philharmonic (1993-1998), Nashville recording project (2003) with award winning Producer Alan Shacklock, Worship Leader and Worship Pastor for 20+ years, Music Teacher for 20+ years, completion of several hundred original songs and instrumental pieces.

Original Worship